Tokyo Day Cycle Tour

Skip the dreary tourist bus tours and instead hop on a bike to explore one of the world’s largest and vibrant cities – Tokyo!
Japan’s capital possesses many faces, ranging from the futuristic to the nostalgic, from the modern to the trendy, and many more personalities in between.

Heaps of interesting sights are waiting to be discovered by you, however due to the enormous size of the city, attempting to reach all of Tokyo’s best spots on foot would result in a gruelling marathon and although bus tours offers a bit more practicality, you miss out on the finer details, smells, and sounds that can only be experienced on the ground close up.

Gaijin Tours offers a solution to these challenges with well thought-out day tours by bike, allowing you to leisurely cruise through Tokyo’s top landmarks and secret spots (with the side benefit of remaining physically active to offset any holiday indulgences!). Tokyo is a safe city to cycle around with easy terrain, however please note that we provide electric bikes that will allow you to blast through any tricky sections. A comfortable pace is maintained throughout the day, stopping at various point of interest where you can catch key tidbits of information from your guide and capture the moment with your camera.


Hire an electric bike


If a reservation has to be cancelled, customers will be charged a fee depending on how far from the tour date the cancellation takes place.