Welcome to all wanderlusters, explorers, and holiday-goers that are considering a trip to my country – Japan. I am aware that my culture, language, and cities can be overwhelming and confusing for a “Gaijin” – what does that mean I hear you ask? It simply means foreigner!

Japanese culture expert

I setup my website Gaijin Tours to help bring down barriers for foreigners visiting Japan and to transform them from “Gaijin” to “Naikoku” – a true Japanese native. To achieve this, I have crafted a number of exclusive experiences that will immerse you in Japanese culture; from educational hands-on activities to off the beaten track tours, you will gain a new appreciation of Japan and its many treasures.

Why should you book with me?

My name is Satoko and I am the proud owner of Gaijin Tours. To say I am Japanese is an understatement! I have a very distinct family lineage, with my mother’s side dating back to the ancient Samurai. My grandmother was a true master of traditional Japanese practices such as kimono, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and playing the koto. My father’s side also ran a successful Japanese restaurant. Growing up in these traditional surroundings has developed a burning passion for all things Japanese: the culture, spirit, food, nature, and aesthetic sense – all of which makes me excited!

However in recent years, Japan’s modernism has cast a shadow on its traditional side but I aim to preserve this by sharing my knowledge with all of those who are keen to learn.

Japan is a country with many unique and mysterious aspects – its culture, customs, and language can even be difficult for the natives to grasp let alone foreigners. My mission is to demystify Japan and educate all those interested by exposing the real side of my country and by sharing knowledge that goes beyond guidebooks, YouTube, or Wikipedia.

Having lived and breathed Japan for all my life, you can rest assured that your next booking with me will be authentic and special. If you have any questions about me, my tours, or Japan then feel free to shoot me an email at hello@gaijintours.com

Look forward to hearing from you!


Japanese culture expert