Multilingual Tour Guide


English (Fluent), French (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent), Catalan (Fluent)

Areas of expertise

Hiking, Japanese cuisine, movie locations and balancing between must-do highlights and amazing hidden local spots.

Gaijin Tours Team Member

Hello Travelers,

My name is Uri, I was born in Barcelona and I have been coming back and forth to Japan since August 2006. I started visiting the country because of all of the movies and anime I had been watching since I was a kid. Since the first time I came, I fell in love with its people, culture, and way of life. Now I currently reside here, in west Tokyo, where I’m learning the language.

I love exploring every hidden corner of any city I visit. I’m always looking for new experiences, getting to know different cultures and tasting unique food delicacies. My personal favorite thing to do is searching for movie locations and afterwards going nomikai with friends to a Japanese style pub (Izakaya). Nomikai literally means meeting and having a drink with friends.

When you first land in Tokyo, the amount of people commuting and the large quantity of signs might come across as a bit confusing. However, it is a very well organized chaos. All means of transport are very convenient and annoyingly punctual. Furthermore, even though all these people might appear shy and terrified of speaking in English, I assure you that they are eager to get to know foreigners.

Since I’ve been working in tourism for the last 8 years, I know what visitors look for when they first arrive in a new city. I get that it can be overwhelming to choose where to go, what to do, how to move around. Especially when your visit is just for a few days and the city you go to is this gigantic metropolis.

My goal as a tour guide and as a gaijin myself is bringing the Japanese culture closer to new visitors from all over, sharing my tricks and tips in order to make your Japanese experience the most enjoyable and pleasant possible.

Please feel free to ask me about sites, cuisines, sake and movie locations you are curious about. I’ll be glad to share my expertise with you and help you enjoy Tokyo to the most.

Looking forward to meeting you,